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  • 12 Of The Most Popular Cannabis Strains
    Source: Weedmaps When it comes to cannabis, "what's the best weed?" is one of the most asked questions of all time. Truth is there is no answer because weed is such an individualistic experience. Whatever cannabis strains make your body feel great may make someone else's head hurt; just like whatever cannabis strains make you […]
  • L.A, Chef David Wais Is Leading The Way In Cannabis Cuisine!
    Chef David Wais aka Chefbuds began his passionate culinary journey when he was born into the home of Carpathian Jewish parents in Gravesend Brooklyn NY. Growing up in the jungle of cultures and learning the crafts from the women in his family, David became enamored by Eastern European cuisine. He didn't solely acquire skill and […]
  • County Faces Another Lawsuit Over Santa Ynez Cannabis Farm
    A group of Santa Barbara County residents recently filed a second lawsuit over the county’s decision to approve another cannabis project in the Santa Ynez...

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