FloridaMarijuana.net is the longest running and most trusted source for cannabis news in Florida. The first directory was on Floridamedicalmarijuanatreatmentcenters.com prior to 2014 and the first failed attempt at legal Florida medical marijuana. While others closed up shop and left, we buckled down and got to work. Our group of contributors, consultants, content developers and graphic artists are the best in the medical marijuana industry. Our site breaks more news stories, and talks to more of the influencers and brands in the Florida medical marijuana program than anyone else. Our podcast show, The Marijuana Solution is the longest running audio podcast in Florida.

Floridamarijuana.net provides the most accurate and up to date information for patients in Florida. Our list of 15,000 monthly subscribers is growing daily and our social network following of nearly 30k continues to increase rapidly every month. On our site you can find podcasts, edible recipes, breaking news, product reviews and the latest industry trends. The information found on our site is exceptionally valuable to consumers and businesses alike.

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At The Diplomat Spa + Wellness retreat, we focus on alleviating stress and elevating life into balance through sensory holistic wellness experiences. Inspired by the elements and natural surroundings of the Atlantic oceanfront, we invite you to decompress in our waterfront sanctuary. With a host of spa and wellness treatments, daily fitness programs, and lifestyle rituals, our skillful team of wellness concierges will help to create a customized journey unique to your individual focus and wellness vision. The Diplomat Spa + Wellness signature experience is part of our holistic commitment promoting a lasting effect on the mind, body, soul, and environment.We welcome you into a world that nourishes the mind, body and soul with experiences that redefine relaxation. In the soothing sanctuary of our oceanfront spa, the most skilled spa practitioners will attune your mood to the natural rhythms of the sea.

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From holistic healing massages and cleansing facials to energizing body treatments, a full-service customizable spa experience awaits you. Clear your mind in our relaxation room with a mesmerizing rain wall that invites calm. Purify in the eucalyptus steam room or sauna.

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Silver Tour has traveled around the country dispelling old myths and educating seniors and politicians about the real benefits of medical marijuana. We never stop lobbying Government Representatives and advocating for a change in out-dated laws

​We lecture about how cannabis consumption is safer than alcohol, tobacco and most prescription opioids at senior centers and other venues.

Robert Platshorn, Founder The Silver Tour, teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana, was featured in the hit Showtime movie, Square Grouper. The  documentary film told Robert’s story of as a member of the Black Tuna Gang to his release from Federal prison. He was given the longest prison sentence ever given at that time, 64 years. Platshorn served 29 years and then created the Silver Tour.

Mr Platshorn’s successful MEET THE EXPERTS events were spotlighted on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, CNN Money and the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

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Cannabis & CBD Health Fest is for everyone that it serves both the business to consumer, business to business communities, as well patients and those who provide care.

All industries and sub industries will be represented at our Expos, including: Accounting, Insurance, Marketing, Banking, Payment Processing, Botanical, Patient Advocacy, Diversity & Inclusion, Storage, Packaging, Dosing Equipment, Patient Education, Medical Experts, Displays & Fixtures, Grow Lights, Hemp Industry , Hydroponics & Cultivation Products, Infused Products, Inventory Tracking, Legal Resources, Licensing Services, Medical Resources, Smoking, Vaping, and Dabbing accessories, point of sale & Management Software, Private Equity & Investment Resources, Training & Education, Security Services & Equipment, Testing & Lab Services, Tinctures, Salves, & Topical.

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Not all CBD is equal. Our CBD (Hemp Oil) is derived from a single cultivar of Cannabis Sativa L. and is processed from seed to bottle with a chain of custody that ensures its purity.

Why Swiss Relief CBD?
We employ sustainable farming methods and use Organic, Non-GMO ingredients where possible in our formulations. With our Nano-technology, the Bio-availability is increased and our 3rd party testing means you are getting in the bottle what is on the label.

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