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Embracing Hawaiian culture and techniques from around the world. Every aspect of your time with us at the Spa is meant for your relaxation and rejuvenation, both inner body and out. Ancient Hawaii was a highly developed society where the ‘kahuna’ was respected as the high priest, and administered healing plants and practices. The spiritual energy, or ‘mana’ of Hawaii is evident everywhere in the islands.

With its mix of cultures that blends alternative and global healing practices, Hawaii is a preeminent wellness destination. To truly capture the essence of all that is Hawaii, The Kahala Spa’s treatments are inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Hawaiians, and infused with influences of Asian and European spa culture.

Spa therapists are experienced in a wide variety of authentic global healing techniques and therapies. They respect ancient traditions as practiced by Hawaiian and other Asian cultures – the healers of old. Each treatment is personalized to reflect the guest’s particular needs and comfort desires throughout the treatment.

Hemp Recovery Treatment


Hawaiian Choice is a wellness company born and raised in the 50th state of Hawaii. Our goal is to help people live healthier, happier and more productive lives. We believe in the power of CBD to do this and feel that the world has only scratched the surface of this amazing compound’s potential.

We use the bounty of Hawaii’s tropical climate and fertile soil and the latest research to ensure our tinctures, topical gel and edible jellies offer the highest quality health benefits, flavors and scents.

Hawaiian Choice premium CBD products are filtered to Zero THC. Our tinctures and topicals uniquely combine full spectrum hemp extracts with our own terpene formulations and the natural goodness of Hawaiian grown, non-GMO fruit, honey and essential oils. When you try them, you’ll appreciate the care that goes into every bottle; with independent lab testing and batch reports available online, you know you can trust what’s on the label. CBD shouldn’t have to taste unpleasant – which is why the amazing flavor of Hawaiian Choice is so popular. Our products are available in a host of stores across Hawaiʻi and mainland USA, or through our website, with international shipping.



The mission of Hawaii Cannabis .org is to build empathy among non-users of cannabis. The website will help connect Patients with licensed Doctors capable and qualified to prescribe Medical Cannabis. The website will also help connect Patients with caregivers. growers and medicine makers capable of providing a steady supply of Medical Cannabis in Hawaii.