Artelo Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to applying true biopharma discipline in leveraging past research and leading-edge, world-class science to accelerate the development and commercialization of a diverse portfolio of novel, endocannabinoid system modulating therapeutics. Our programs have the potential to dramatically improve patient care in major markets. With our headquarters team in San Diego, California, USA and our European offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Alderley Park, Cheshire, UK, Artelo established a presence in key global biopharma innovation hubs with close access to world-class research expertise. Artelo’s research and development leverages the skill, knowledge and experience of our collaboration partners in Europe and North America.

  • Ireland: 29 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland
  • UK: Mereside, Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK10 4TG, United Kingdom

We’re hemp farmers who grow our own hemp in the fertile Cooley Mountains Peninsula, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. Everything we do is about creating a sustainable future for people and the planet with hemp. Its unique and far-reaching properties have the natural power to feed, clothe, shelter and nourish all things. That’s why we’re constantly innovating and inspiring new products that drive the Irish hemp industry forward, so we can share the benefits of hemp

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LEEF is 100% organic and non-GMO from seed to soil to the finished product. Everything is hand harvested and made in the USA.

Our farming standards are the brain child of hard-working people who have honed their craft with premium standards and over 50 years of sweat, passion and experience.

We find potency and purity in the confines of an organic/non-GMO foundation. Sun grown and rooted in California our licensed, organic farms sprawl the lush mountains of northern California. We’re soil science nerds, and we believe premium product comes from the soil up. We believe the best fertilizer is a farmer’s footsteps.

Our unconventional process of refinement is second to none. Our single origin harvests are the cleanest form of CBD and THC extract possible. We do NOT add any chemicals, over-heat, or strip the plant as with other common extraction methods.

You could say we’re a bit controlling of our cannabis, but it’s for the best, really. We’ve got high standards…LEEF tests every product for purity and potency against the most critical and wide array of standards.

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Founded in 2013, Procana Laboratories has been on the forefront of cannabinoid research and development, providing controlled dosage applications of its medicinal products.

Procana is engaged in multiple medical studies, with great success in the treatment of many ailments, and is backed by leading doctors and scientists.

Manufacturing its products to GMP standards, Procana provides superior quality and laboratory testing of its products.

Furthering its Research & Development capabilities, Procana is studying many ratios of its cannabinoid formulations to further advance their medical initiatives.

Cannabinoid Science

Cannabinoid Research Studies

Ireland office: Procana LTD
11 River Street, Newry, Co. Down.
Northern Ireland, BT34 2DQ
+44 203 746 04 52


Prohibition Partners was founded in 2017 with a mission to open up the international cannabis industry through reliable data and intelligence.

Within two years, we have become the world’s leading provider of market insights and strategic consultancy for this emerging frontier. We firmly believe that data, insights and education will unlock the societal and commercial potential of cannabis.

Our research and content teams routinely share the latest legislative developments and key trends in the industry – information that is regularly cited by political leaders, investment banks and Fortune 500 companies.

Our consultancy team works with investors, operators and regulators to identify and execute opportunities across multiple jurisdictions. We advise our private clients on licensing, regulatory and business opportunities.

Offices in London, England and Dublin, Ireland.