Can Pharmaceuticals Group Ltd., with the “better” brand (BET), is a company that develops cannabis plant-based drugs and therapies that have been developed and developed according to the needs of clients, therapists and various medical professionals.

Our vision is to ensure medical treatment based on a cannabis plant that is free of chemicals, consistent and stable, to meet every patient in debilitating medical conditions, anywhere in the world to the highest standards.

קבוצת קאן פרמצבטיקה בע”מ בעלת המותג “better” (בטר) הינה חברה המפתחת תרופות וטיפולים מבוססי צמח הקנאביס שהושבחו ופותחו בהתאם לצרכי הלקוחות, הרופאים המטפלים וההתויות השונות.

החזון שלנו הוא להבטיח טיפול רפואי המבוסס על צמח הקנאביס נקי מכימיקלים, עקבי ויציב, שייתן מענה לכל מטופל במצב רפואי מתיש, בכל 


CannX is the leading international conference in medical cannabis. The conference is held in partnership with Cann10, the trusted global partner for medical cannabis investment, start-ups, R&D, growth, trade know-how and education.

The conference is held in partnership with Cann10, the trusted global partner for medical cannabis investment, start-ups, R&D, growth, trade know-how and education.

This unparalleled event offers you and your organization an opportunity to engage with senior level decision makers, build brand awareness, and launch new products to the industry.

The CannX Advantage
First-hand knowledge and networks are essential in understanding the way forward within the complex ecosystem of medical cannabis. CannX unites the world’s most influential scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and thought leaders for the ultimate opportunity to make an impact in the field.


Our Vision is a world where people are confident about the cannabis they consume.

Our mission is to empower our customers with knowledge about the quality and safety of the cannabis they consume to feel better, enjoy life and improve their wellbeing.


Cannova Medical

Innovative solution for Cannabis consumption

Today, forms of taking cannabis are mainly through smoking, evaporation or ingestion of oil. These methods cause changes in active substances, have slow active time and side effects. Cannova’s line of Cannabis sublingual organic strips overcome these challenges, provide you easy to use, non-smoke solution for consuming different types of Cannabis formulas.


Organic sublingual strip, with variety of Cannabis active substances

Fast, efficient and convenient. Anywhere and anytime. Exactly like you want and need it.


Providing innovation to the world of cannabis consumption

Based on Cannova proprietary know-how gained during the development of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical filmstrips, Cannova, medical cannabis filmstrips are designed to mask Cannabinoids unpleasant taste and increase their solubility. Cannabinoids trans-mucosal absorption will bypass liver metabolism, and provide high bioavailability and fast onset of activity.



iCAN Serve is a global cannabis business and scientific services firm, with a team of in-house experts, and an international network of qualified services partners.

We advise, guide and support our clients, and introduce them to the right knowledge, people, companies, and opportunities, at the right time, in order to meet their most pressing needs.

We answer questions and solve problems utilizing our collective expertise, qualitative intelligence gathering, and unparalleled international business network.

iCAN Serve is based in Israel, a leading center of cannabis cultivation, technology, and scientific research, with clients in numerous countries.

iCAN Serve can help your company navigate the rapidly evolving global cannabis industry. Our Navigate Cannabis business and scientific services program is customized for each client, in order to meet their specific needs and requirements.

  • Personalized services with an iCAN client executive and support team
  • Access to leading business and scientific experts from a range of disciplines
  • Introductions to qualified connections and opportunities
  • Access to iCAN’s global partner ecosystem, and deep industry networks in all verticals
  • Business and scientific intelligence and data flow

Navigate Cannabis Business
Navigate Cannabis Business provides our client partners with an experienced team of experts from various areas of the cannabis industry. Our core set of services includes strategy, development, research, marketing, and representation. And we deliver high level and precise international intelligence, connectivity and deal flow in pursuit of the client’s goals.

  • Qualified guidance and problem solving
  • Business planning and analysis
  • Project management
  • International business development and representation
  • Qualitative research – industry, market, brand, product
  • Marketing and corporate media and communications
  • Creative direction