Jacana is a pioneering global medical cannabis company, harnessing the power of nature to transform lives. Having grown up in Jamaica, its founders saw first-hand how natural medicine could be used to ease pain and suffering, and wanted to help bring this age-old, natural remedy to the rest of the world.

From plant to patient, Jacana is dedicated to producing one of the world’s most natural products, sun-grown in harmony with nature, empowering not just those who use it but also those who grow it. Jacana cultivates, develops and distributes certified medical cannabis internationally and in a historic move, it was the first company to export Jamaican medical cannabis flower internationally, having secured multiple international licenses and permits to date.

By spearheading the world’s fastest growing industry, Jacana is transforming what was once an unregulated market, into a powerful solution for patients around the world. Using the highest quality, outdoor-grown cannabis – Jacana is bringing its therapeutic properties to people in need with certified medical cannabis – all with a strong focus on provenance, sustainability and R&D.

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#420toursJA was born out of a passion for roadtripping and waterfalls and beaches and cocktails and beers and weed.

Tours for the lazy adventurer – the excited mellow – the high functioning napper – the wake n bakers.

​#420toursja – locally owned an operated by a husband and wife combo – one Kiwi (NZ) one Jamaican. Explore Jamaica our way. We try to keep off the main tourist routes so you get to experience the real Jamaica, the real Yaad.


Airport and Hotel Transfers

Day Trips and Cruise Excursions

Road Trips

Weed Tours

The CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo is an annual business-to-business (B2B) event that brings together top cannabis industry experts from the U.S., Canada, South and Central America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean.

Held for the first time in 2016, CanEx Jamaica is responsible for helping numerous businesses create new strategic partnerships. Through world-class speakers and panelists, CanEx Jamaica provides insight into the global direction of the industry and features a mix of high-level discourse and practical opportunity led by global experts with real-life application in the industry.


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CannabisCaravan.com is to put every person on the best vacation for themselves and their travel companions. For many, that would be almost any great beach, good food, personnel who really enjoy their jobs, and a Big Bag of Great Weed with a backup selection of the finest rolled joints, hash, and who knows what’s next on the menu.

All this is just a stopover at the Licensed Dispensary, on the way to the Jamaican resort of your choice. Choose one that fits your needs and budget. Choose equally wisely at the Ganja Store, because there is too much to smoke and enjoy on any vacation.

Services: Group Travel, Weddings and Tours

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