The Mass Cannabis Chefs are Chefs Joseph Nelson and Patrick Mulcahy, together they host one of Massachusetts premier infused dinner parties. Combining two of their favorite things, the Chefs bring to you a dining experience unlike any you’ve enjoyed before. Every month since Cannabis became recreationally legal in Massachusetts, they have put on high end gourmet dinner parties that have only grown as time has gone by. Bringing years of experience in fine dining and food creation and mixing it with a passion for high end cannabis, they put out delectable meals that are sure to leave everyone full and satisfied.




As longtime cannabis consumers, we were frequently frustrated by inconsistent experiences and the lack of accountability within the industry. Many times, the products we purchased delivered experiences that felt and tasted mislabeled—sometimes, dramatically so… and there was no way to verify if what they said was what we got.

Pioneering authenticity
We founded Happy Valley to change all that. We are leading the charge to create a consistent, premium-quality cannabis experience for you—with a guarantee that what we say is what you get.

Address: 38 Great Republic Drive Gloucester, MA 01930


Caroline’s Cannabis is a proud supporter of the marijuana movement. We believe responsible adults should have a choice not only for medicine but also for recreation. We need to change the negative social views towards cannabis users.

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