Let me give you a few details into why and how Pinnacle CBD came into existence. My name is Kevin Lacey and my wife is Jessica Lacey. Our daughter has Epilepsy and the full story of it is below.

I wanted to find a way to help her and get her away from the Big Pharma meds. I knew marijuana had a lot of potential in helping, however we live in Missouri (not legal in anyway) and I really didn’t want to send my (at the time) 13-year-old daughter to school high every day.

That’s when I discovered hemp and the benefits CBD has. At first, I bought some other brands, tried them at our retail store, and tried them on my daughter. The results weren’t great. Listening to people’s feedback was really discouraging and I had almost given up. I started to wonder if maybe CBD is just some snake oil. Maybe this isn’t going to help my daughter at all.

That’s when I met a guy who taught me a lot and I learned why so many brands don’t work (huge thank you to that guy). I spent the next several months learning as much about hemp and CBD as I could (and I’m still researching). After getting the right farmer, with the right genetics, and the right extraction method – we had an amazing product that could do so much more.

Every day we hear stories of what Pinnacle CBD has done for so many people and families. I cannot describe to you what these stories have done for me. They are what run this company. We will continue to educate and grow our products to create the most effective products we can.

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Cory Holmes (Creator) suffered from stress and anxiety due to several incidents that have occurred in his life. Cory grew up in poor areas where there were all sorts of danger. He heard gunshots outside his window where he would catch his little brother and duck for cover. Cory also experienced a few concussions while paying college soccer. In 2017, he experienced being intentionally shot while driving that did not affect him until about a year after the episode. When Cory found himself reliving those moments in his mind, he made the decision to investigate natural remedies for dealing with stress and anxiety.

During his search he learned about the advantages of CBD and tried a few brands. Unfortunately, he also discovered an unpleasant fact about the CBD sector: its goods seldom work. He soon realized that the CBD sector is highly unregulated and filled with badly produced products. After attempting several CBD brands available on the market and only finding relief from one, Cory realized there was a need. His mission is to help people deal with anxiety, chronic pain and more by producing the most broadest broad array cannabinoid products on the marketplace, all at a price people can afford.

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100P CBD is a division of ONE HUNDRED P LLC which is a company and community dedicated to getting 100% out of life. After learning the importance and experiencing the effectiveness of CBD and seeing an abundance of inferior if not just outright really bad cbd products on the market we decided to seek out the best manufacturer with highest quality cbd and offer it to others. Yes, there are bigger cbd companies out there and yes there is definitely cheaper cbd products on the market. But we guarantee that you will not find better quality than 110P CBD products. This is why we offer the best 100% money guarantee in the market. 100P CBD is a division of ONE HUNDRED P LLC.

Midwest Canna Expos produces business conferences, educational events, seminars, and networking events.

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HempStaff formed in 2014, as a pioneer cannabis staffing agency. Since that time, we have helped hundreds of cannabis businesses with NO UPFRONT COST and no exclusivity requirement. We understand just how important being a marijuana recruiter is – no matter if it is hemp, recreational marijuana or medical cannabis – it’s all about finding the right team members that will work towards one goal, building a successful business!

At HempStaff we offer many different services:
1) Recruiting/Headhunting for Hemp, Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana businesses.
2) Dispensary Agent Training, to train entry level employees how to properly help patients/customers in a dispensary.
3) Cannabis Resume Review, we offer a Cannabis Resume Template, Tips and Reviews

HempStaff recruits in all 33 legal cannabis states, plus Washington DC for cannabis jobs. HempStaff recruits in any state for Hemp related jobs as well. HempStaff specializes in staffing entire companies upon launch and finding high level employees with cannabis experience in new markets, which often involves relocation from another state. Currently, we hire for all positions in the cannabis and hemp industry

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