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Serra is an experiential cannabis lifestyle brand and curated retail space that rethinks, redefines, and sets the bar for progressive pot culture. Named after the Italian word for greenhouse, Serra’s design is informed and inspired by its name. This Modern Druggist has a line of wholesale products available throughout Oregon as well as two dispensary locations in Portland providing the very best recreational marijuana shopping experience and selection of flower, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and lifestyle accessories.

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Portland, Pearl District




Here at oreKron, we pride ourselves on growing the finest recreational flowers for your personal enjoyment, private events, and processing needs.


The Initiative is an accelerator program, business bootcamp and funding resource for female founded cannabis businesses. By bringing together one of the biggest and most connected networks in the cannabis space, The Initiative works to ensure that female founded and female run companies have the greatest chance to be innovators, creators and success stories.

Through our in-class accelerator model, networking events, retreats and access to funding we can make sure that the cannabis industry remains the most progressive and gender balanced emerging industry possible.

Created and supported by experts in each field, brought in from across the country, this program prepares you and your business to fulfill your strategic goals and raise the capital you need to grow.

This program is brought to you in partnership with Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, Hotbox Farms, R2C Group, and Sentia Wellness along with dozens of educators and mentors from across the country.


At Certified Kind, we believe that the way we farm is just as important as the yield. Our mission is to empower organic farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.
We accomplish this by offering certification to the Certified Kind standard which is equivalent to internationally accepted norms for organic crops and processed products.
By getting our certification, you will be able to use the Certified Kind logo to promote organically produced products that meet the Certified Kind standard. Our certification helps connect true organic farmers to retailers, wholesalers, and customers who deeply care about ecosystem health and what they put into their bodies.

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