Welcome to the world of Cheeba Africa, a place built on trust and a space where we truly care about you and the world around us. We have been passionate about Cannabis for a long time and are proud to finally be able to work in a field that we love and believe in. It is indeed exciting to see the global Cannabis industry exploding, however it can be a minefield of twists and turns that can make it confusing and a little scary. Our aim is to help you navigate this green matrix and join us in celebrating this magical plant.

Cheeba Academy

  • Africa’s first dedicated cannabis academy – Get educated, get involved, and get ahead in the Cannabis industry. As our industry grows, so will the need for skilled people to help keep pace with consumer demands. We offer courses for those starting out in the Cannabis industry and those who are looking to add Cannabis skills to an existing role.

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Elegantly lit wants to bring some of the most exclusive, unique and elegant smoking accessories from around the world, to share it in the growing cannabis industry within South Africa.

Address: Humdinger Emporium, 97 Nicolson Street, Bailey`s Muckleneuk, Pretoria, South Africa

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We are a privately owned Biotechnology company in the Republic of South Africa located in the City of Johannesburg, the technological hub and business innovation centre of South Africa.

BGM recognises the need for the development of new therapies as well as improvement of existing therapies. BGM is committed to investing significantly into various research programmes that will empower future generation.

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The object of this site is to share information on which strains cure what, successes and failures. We all contribute, we all share and we all benefit.

Some articles/answers may be exaggerated, out of date or just incorrect. With a group of like-minded people all with a passion for healing through Cannabinoids the ability to get the correct answers will be magnified a hundred-fold.

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Want to grow your own cannabis?
Overgrow has the largest seed selection available in South Africa, comprising Californian and European genetics. Whether medical or recreational we have you covered, something for everyone.

Overgrow offers our customers a variety of cannabis seed strains, including some of the very best new strains.
Buy top quality imported cannabis seeds online and enjoy excellent customer service. We are a trusted supplier of marijuana seeds that are vigorous, easy to grow and stable, and which can be used for a variety of proven medical purposes.

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