Silver Tour has traveled around the country dispelling old myths and educating seniors and politicians about the real benefits of medical marijuana. We never stop lobbying Government Representatives and advocating for a change in out-dated laws

​We lecture about how cannabis consumption is safer than alcohol, tobacco and most prescription opioids at senior centers and other venues.

Robert Platshorn, Founder The Silver Tour, teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana, was featured in the hit Showtime movie, Square Grouper. The  documentary film told Robert’s story of as a member of the Black Tuna Gang to his release from Federal prison. He was given the longest prison sentence ever given at that time, 64 years. Platshorn served 29 years and then created the Silver Tour.

Mr Platshorn’s successful MEET THE EXPERTS events were spotlighted on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, CNN Money and the front page of The Wall Street Journal.


Co-founders, Dr. Igor Brussel & marijuana activists Richard Cowan & Dr. Bob Melamede created CBD Seniors in an effort to educate the senior community on the vast benefits of the inclusion of CBD products into a senior’s daily routine.

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Our goal is to aid seniors in their decision to seek out medical marijuana in the state of Florida. We are transplants ourselves but have family throughout the peninsula. My grandmother was born in Plant City and raised in Sarasota. She is currently back home in Plant City, doing well in her mid-90’s.

We watched my father struggle with Parkinson’s disease and Lewy Body Dementia. He was unable to get medical marijuana in Texas. The cocktail of pharmaceuticals that he consumed on a daily basis was both a god send and horror show. After his passing, we packed up the family and moved to Florida.

I discovered that my mother and her friends have misconceptions about Medicinal Marijuana. As the movement is in its infancy here in Florida, there are not a lot of resources available so I decided to create one.

As the movement grows and adapts in Florida, we will grow and adapt the website along with it. I do not have all the answers you may be seeking, but I will continue to grow the website. If I can help one person live a happier, healthier life, it will be worth it.


We know how important it is for mature babes to maintain that healthy glow and have a damn good time doing it. Our products are crafted to help you get proper sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation – and of course, provide good times too!

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Peg Bascom’s personal cannabis journey began in 2016 when she was given CBD oil for her husband, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. After using the CBD oil for 30 days, her husband’s uncontrollable movements (dyskinesia) and tremors were completely under control. He has continued his use of the CBD oil and the dyskinesia has never returned.

Peg conceived of Cannabis Wellness Tours with an eye towards educating individuals on the many health benefits of cannabis. She’s aware of the many misconceptions about cannabis and how difficult it is to find information about the many ways it can help with a multitude of issues.

The senior population is especially underserved in terms of utilizing the available cannabis products that can provide real relief. Add to that the stigma of using cannabis, plus the confusing and overwhelming choices confronting you in a dispensary, and it becomes extremely difficult to make an informed decision about any cannabis purchase.

This is not the “party bus” experience that you find on other tours. We will not be partaking of any cannabis on the tour. This is a sincere effort to provide an education into the multitude of ways that cannabis can provide relief for a variety of health issues, both physical and mental.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to make informed decisions about cannabis consumption. Cannabis Wellness Tours will provide an overview of cannabis terms, and introduce you to the different types and strains of cannabis. We’ll discuss the many types of consumption, and explore potential health benefits, so that your next visit to a dispensary will be a great experience. And, you’ll leave feeling confident that you’ve made the right choice for your needs!