As the premier event creators & producers in California, our mission is to help de-stigmatize cannabis through education on responsible and sophisticated ways to enjoy its medical and recreational properties.

​​We believe that it is first and foremost a healing plant, and an antioxidant.

We chose to exclusively work with the top accessories on the market, and provide information on how to maximize the flavor, and create a friendly smoke-free environment.

We invite people to treat it similarly to wine and food due to its many distinct aromas and flavors.

  • Educational Workshops,
  • Corporate Events,
  • Private Dinners,
  • & Weed Weddings

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Deborah L. Costella is a professional chef, culinary instructor, and former dancer. Born and raised in San Francisco, now a Las Vegas resident who adheres to the adage “everything in moderation.” With her degree in Dance and certifications in Early Childhood Education and Culinary Arts, Deborah offers her clients, friends, and family a myriad of dishes that satisfy the hungry heart and stomach, in small 4-ounce portions. After months spent interviewing weight loss surgeons and their patients, as well as her involvement in weight loss surgery groups, Deborah has managed to find a way to offer her clients, friends, and family satisfying dishes without suffering the results of excessive consumption. One 4-Ounce Serving is a chronicle of the supper club, Friends Amid Food, monthly gatherings where everyone at the table has something to offer as well as personal considerations regarding the food they eat. But each and every one of them loves the experience of preparing food and sitting down with others to eat. Deborah is also the author of the children’s story-cookbook Cooking With Granddad and now offers us this collection of food stories and recipes derived from her Supper Club group the Friends Amid Food in One 4-Ounce Serving.

Contact Chef Deborah at cosmicmuffincafe@gmail.com to learn more about:

  • Canna cooking classes
  • Gourmet edibles
  • Canna-dinners

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The Mass Cannabis Chefs are Chefs Joseph Nelson and Patrick Mulcahy, together they host one of Massachusetts premier infused dinner parties. Combining two of their favorite things, the Chefs bring to you a dining experience unlike any you’ve enjoyed before. Every month since Cannabis became recreationally legal in Massachusetts, they have put on high end gourmet dinner parties that have only grown as time has gone by. Bringing years of experience in fine dining and food creation and mixing it with a passion for high end cannabis, they put out delectable meals that are sure to leave everyone full and satisfied.

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My name is Cheri Sicard and long before I became a medical marijuana patient and cannabis cook I was a professional food writer and recipe developer. As a foodie first, I always approach marijuana cooking recipe development from that perspective, believing there’s no reason to have to choke down bad tasting or boring edibles in order to receive the benefits of edible cannabis.

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Pantry was founded by friends dedicated to bridging the world of culinary arts with those of wellness and cannabis.

At Pantry, we believe that food is medicine. We provide products that nurture and heal, ultimately improving one’s experience and quality of life.

Wellness is our main concern. Our top quality, healthy, low-sugar premium cannabis goods have been designed by world renowned chefs, made only from the best ingredients. Pantry is manufactured by a licensed company in California.

Catering: Make your next dinner party a Pantry Dinner! We are now available to cater your next wedding, corporate, or private event. Inquire with us directly through chef@pantrycannabis.com

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