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TMCIGlobal provides online medical education for healthcare professionals who want to learn about medical cannabis and its potential clinical application. Our science-based, accredited courses help professionals deliver quality care and address patient questions. We work with organizations that are recognized as pillars of medical cannabis learning and bring their valuable medical expertise to the healthcare community via an ever-growing online course catalog.

Through TMCIGlobal’s online course offerings, healthcare professionals will learn about a wide range of topics. These topics span from the basics of the endocannabinoid system to specific medical cannabis treatments for pain, cancer and other diseases. We also cover state specific material, the importance of patient education, and much more. To view all of the additional subject matter areas our courses cover, visit our course catalog

Some our our courses are approved for CME/CNE credit. To learn more about which courses offer continuing education credits, visit our course catalog. To read more about our accredited providers, click here.

Our Content Contributors
In order to deliver the best in medical cannabis education, TMCIGlobal offers content from experts in medical cannabis. Collectively, these experts have been educating healthcare professionals for over 50 years.

Our charter group of content providers –the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, the American Cannabis Nurses Association and Patients Out of Time – is providing courses from distinguished faculty and healthcare professionals. We continually strive to expand our medical education offerings and meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals around the globe.

To learn more about the groups we partner with to develop top-quality content, click here.

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Kentucky’s Maysville Community and Technical College

Kentucky’s Maysville Community and Technical College is set to offer a course on hemp production in the spring semester, Morehead News reports. The class – Introduction to Hemp Production – will focus on foundational concepts and theory applications for field production and distribution.

The class will also focus on science-based cultivation strategies related to cannabis or hemp, such as temperatures, sunlight, soil, growing cycles, how the plant absorbs water and nutrients, and how these inputs affect the plant’s chemical make-up and genetics.

Carrie Taylor, Horticulturist and Workforce Solutions instructor at MCTC, said that after the 2019 growing season, farmers indicated a need for more information related to hemp and that the state’s industry has a variety of training demands and that the program looks to fill those needs for hemp farmers. Taylor added that farming is a mixture of cyclical demands which need to be identified by the industry as it evolves.

Visit https://maysville.kctcs.edu/news/hemp-course.aspx



As the premier event creators & producers in California, our mission is to help de-stigmatize cannabis through education on responsible and sophisticated ways to enjoy its medical and recreational properties.

​​We believe that it is first and foremost a healing plant, and an antioxidant.

We chose to exclusively work with the top accessories on the market, and provide information on how to maximize the flavor, and create a friendly smoke-free environment.

We invite people to treat it similarly to wine and food due to its many distinct aromas and flavors.

  • Educational Workshops,
  • Corporate Events,
  • Private Dinners,
  • & Weed Weddings

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The Initiative is an accelerator program, business bootcamp and funding resource for female founded cannabis businesses. By bringing together one of the biggest and most connected networks in the cannabis space, The Initiative works to ensure that female founded and female run companies have the greatest chance to be innovators, creators and success stories.

Through our in-class accelerator model, networking events, retreats and access to funding we can make sure that the cannabis industry remains the most progressive and gender balanced emerging industry possible.

Created and supported by experts in each field, brought in from across the country, this program prepares you and your business to fulfill your strategic goals and raise the capital you need to grow.

This program is brought to you in partnership with Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, Hotbox Farms, R2C Group, and Sentia Wellness along with dozens of educators and mentors from across the country.

Visit http://www.intheinitiative.com/