4/9/20 Article: LivWell Enlightened Health Acquires Sweet Grass Kitchen

It all started with Julie Berliner and a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe. And the rest was history….In 2009, our owner and founder began a small-batch bakery from her own kitchen that specializes in freshly baked, cannabis-infused edibles. Today, we’re regarded as one of the most established of our kind, and provide our delicious, full-flower cannabutter confections to nearly 500 dispensaries throughout Colorado.

We use full-flower cannabutter (read more in our blog post Full Flower… Full Effect… It’s Science.) For our Fruit Snacks we use pure, uncut THC distillate (more in our post Feeding Your Fruit Tooth One Microdose at a Time).

Due to regulations, we can only legally distribute our goodies to licensed care centers here in Colorado.

Use our Store Locator under the Stores tab for a list of our current Recreational and Medicinal clients. You can search by medical, recreational, specialty products, location, and more. We suggest calling ahead of time to make sure your desired product is in stock. Please note, that not every store carries our whole menu, and some of our products are seasonal so they go quick! Be sure to plan ahead!

Visit https://www.sweetgrasskitchen.com/

SweetWater brewery has been makin’ tasty brews in the heart of the south since 1997. What started as a pipe dream of two college buddies has turned into a dream job full of great adventures and lip-smackin’ beers. What would you expect from a couple of boys with more of a hankering for beers than for books.

At SweetWater we like to say we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time. It’s not just something that we say though, it’s how we live.

If you’re up for a good time, come check us out at our brewery in Atlanta, every spring at our raging 420 festival, or wherever the fishing is good in your neck of the woods.

Remember, don’t float the mainstream as we all find our path in life, and drink ‘em if you got ‘em.

420 Fest https://www.sweetwater420fest.com/ 

The SweetWater 420 Fest is an annual event presented by SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit https://sweetwaterbrew.com/

We’ve created three Good Day beverages to give you three distinct benefits. Cold brew coffee helps deliver easygoing energy. Citrus sparkling water helps bring you mental refreshment. Chamomile herbal tea helps to enhance your relaxation. How you choose to use them throughout your day or week is up to you.

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Address: 2219 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405

Visit https://drinkgoodday.com/

Pantry was founded by friends dedicated to bridging the world of culinary arts with those of wellness and cannabis.

At Pantry, we believe that food is medicine. We provide products that nurture and heal, ultimately improving one’s experience and quality of life.

Wellness is our main concern. Our top quality, healthy, low-sugar premium cannabis goods have been designed by world renowned chefs, made only from the best ingredients. Pantry is manufactured by a licensed company in California.

Catering: Make your next dinner party a Pantry Dinner! We are now available to cater your next wedding, corporate, or private event. Inquire with us directly through chef@pantrycannabis.com

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Love’s Oven products are produced with the highest quality all-natural ingredients that are sourced locally (Colorado beet sugar) and organically (organic coconut oil) whenever possible. Our proprietary THC & CBD extraction methods ensure that you receive a consistent and effective dose of cannabutter/cannaoil Love in every bite. Over in the Concentrated Love extraction lab you’ll only find the highest grade equipment and solvents along with the best extraction artists in the business.

Love’s Oven was born in 2009 with a promise to its patients to provide great tasting cleanly extracted products to help with their chronic pain and other ailments. If you look at the label of any of our 15 products you’ll never find any ingredients that you need to have a chemical engineering degree to pronounce. Ingredients like crystallized ginger and honey roasted peanut butter are about as complicated as it gets. Love’s Oven has built its reputation by crafting our products in our state of the art facility in Denver where our food safety and quality assurance programs guarantee you’ll receive a potent and delicious product that can be found throughout Colorado. In September of 2016 we opened up our extraction lab and started creating some of the best (our customers words…not ours…but we’ll take it) concentrates available on the market under the Concentrated Love brand name. Concentrated Love guarantees to continue the same tradition of providing our customers with the finest concentrate products available.

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We do not, can not, and will not ship products. Sorry, it’s illegal. Click here for locations

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