At M&F Talent, we know that the cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture industries are defined by the outstanding people and best practices that make these markets thrive. As such, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, and communication in our recruiting practice.

M&F Talent’s mission is to cultivate professionalism across cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture by instilling our values within our network. Moving forward, and in union with our clients, candidates, and peers, we will help lay the foundation for industry growth and success.



Cannabis Insiders is your source for finding and posting employment opportunities in the growing legal cannabis industry, for free! We also scour the web posting the best job opportunities that we can find!

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How to Recruit in an Emerging Growth Industry
As legalization of cannabis becomes pervasive in the United States, and as awareness of CBDs and their uses in specific medical application and general wellness grows, the industry will continue to thrive. This acceleration, aided by advancements in technology, improved logistics, and growing systems, will require top talent on the part of industry leaders. Already there was a 445% increase in job opportunities in the industry in 2017 over the previous year, according to ZipRecruiter.

If you are concerned about how to run your fast-growing Cannabis business, or want to start a new one, please contact Kaplan Executive Search. We will tailor our process to help you find the operations leader you need to move your business forward.


We are Europe’s first cannabis recruitment consultancy, designed solely to align talent within the legal cannabis industry

What is Blume?
At Blume we believe in facilitating the best human resources in order for cannabis to reach everyone that truly needs it. We believe in creating an easy and effective solution to the increasing demand for qualified workers in the industry. Equally, we trust in the bright career opportunities this fast growing industry has to offer.

Blume is Europe’s first Cannabis Recruitment Agency designed solely to align talent within the Legal Cannabis Industry.
Everything we do is devoted to making new career opportunities accessible and supplying the market the best human resources available.


Staff MMJ is a publishing and media company. Our canna-professional tools and resources are accepted and recognized by dispensaries and cannabis companies in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado and many others.

Staff MMJ has a large job search board  where you can search for dispensary jobs in the area, but we’re more than just a job board. We’re helping people change the way cannabis is viewed.

About Staff MMJ provides a comprehensive community internet site for dispensary agents and related professionals in the medical marijuana industry.

Staff MMJ features the latest news and information about medical marijuana. Staff members include executives, editors, product specialists, and inventory controllers with years of experience in the cannabis industry.

We connect people to useful tools and resources for finding cultured opportunities. Through steady advancements, innovation, and customer care conveyed at each touch point, Staff MMJ helps talented people navigate through the new and exciting industry.