The Verdes Foundation is a nonprofit organization and is one of the longest operating dispensaries in New Mexico. Started in 2010 by Eric Speegle and his father Doug Speegle, the dispensary and grow operation quickly expanded to become one of New Mexico’s largest and most highly regarded dispensaries.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality medicine for the best possible outcome. This path to wellness starts when you walk through our door. Once you sign up as a patient with Verdes, you are given a free gram sample or pre-roll, so as you can begin to identify what works best for you. Verdes carries a large variety of products including edibles, tinctures, salves and, of course our flowers. All our medicine is grown pesticide free and with the utmost care.

Verdes is focused on wellness. Our dispensary is operated by registered nurses and both our dispensary and grow facility are family owned and operated…

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The Cannabis Cultural Association is 501(c)3 nonprofit based in NY which helps marginalized and underrepresented communities engage in the legal cannabis industry, emphasizing criminal justice reform, access to medical cannabis, and adult use legalization.

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Heylo helps people use cannabis to get more out of life.
Education and transparency define our team, lab process, and cannabis products. We create whole-bud, full-spectrum cannabis extracts curated to life experiences. You’ll find rare terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and unique chemistry in every Heylo product.

We specialize in crafting high-terpene extracts as well as CBD and rare-cannabinoid strains. We work with pesticide-free and sustainable growers to deliver a product that is free from harmful contaminants. We only process Heylo products with full-bud cannabis – never trim or sugar leaf. We share all of our analytical results for greater transparency and education. We emphasize sustainability at every stage of production and operation. We take tremendous care to preserve terpenes for better taste and experience and are forever grateful to our customers for feedback and support.

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Heylo Lab Tours – Experience Heylo Cannabis from the inside out. Our hands-on tour will walk you through  sourcing, extraction, and post-processing at our facility in Seattle, WA. By appointment only.


We offer our Austin community a safe and educational space for all your Cannabis CBD needs from Oil, Hemp Flower, Edibles, CBD for Pets, Topicals, and more.



Rocio Vargas is Chef-Owner at Planda–a chef driven multi-sensory social experience; where Rocio creates “high” dining experiences including, catering, weekly meal preparation, infusion classes, and personal chef consultations.

Rocio has been featured in a Chicago based newspaper, “The Chicago Reader”, and appeared in a segment on “Windy City Live” on NBC among other distinctions in the field. Rocio helps both the culinary and cannabis communities by providing specially curated multi-sensory events along with providing educational services to ensure all those without access to medical cannabis aren’t left behind, all while helping to diminish the negative connotation of your “average stoner”.




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