FloridaMarijuana.net is the longest running and most trusted source for cannabis news in Florida. The first directory was on Floridamedicalmarijuanatreatmentcenters.com prior to 2014 and the first failed attempt at legal Florida medical marijuana. While others closed up shop and left, we buckled down and got to work. Our group of contributors, consultants, content developers and graphic artists are the best in the medical marijuana industry. Our site breaks more news stories, and talks to more of the influencers and brands in the Florida medical marijuana program than anyone else. Our podcast show, The Marijuana Solution is the longest running audio podcast in Florida.

Floridamarijuana.net provides the most accurate and up to date information for patients in Florida. Our list of 15,000 monthly subscribers is growing daily and our social network following of nearly 30k continues to increase rapidly every month. On our site you can find podcasts, edible recipes, breaking news, product reviews and the latest industry trends. The information found on our site is exceptionally valuable to consumers and businesses alike.

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Cannabis Culture is a magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world. As of spring 2009, Cannabis Culture Magazine is no longer available as a printed publication. We are still recognized as one of the best sources for information due to our highest-standard journalism and news delivery about cannabis-related politics, activism, growing information, entertainment and more, so bookmark www.CannabisCulture.com!


Your source for cannabis, CBD, and Hemp business news, tips, and inspiration.

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DCN Directory

Now you can connect, gain brand awareness and access to new incentives for your business directly on DCN with the latest launch of our new B2B directory!

Over the past 3 years of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for entrepreneurs, business professionals and investors, we have noticed a common issue. Many of these businesses and entrepreneurs are having trouble finding companies and organizations who will work with them because they are a cannabis business.

Imagine your day to day needs to run your business, like accounting or legal, and having companies say they don’t want to work with you because of the industry you are in. This makes it very challenging and adds so much more work in researching and trying to find service providers who can help you excel in running the day to day of your business.

DCN has found a way to bridge that gap and is working with organizations & businesses who want to gain exposure and brand awareness in front of upcoming startups and businesses in the legal cannabis industry.

Who can I find on the DCN Directory?

Businesses, brands, teams, and service providers. For example, our directory houses categories such as legal, accounting, packaging, ag-tech, investments firms, media, advertising, wholesale distributors, manufacturing, distributors, security, non-profits, ancillary, plant-touching companies.

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At Cannabis.info, we’re passionate about sharing quality information about cannabis. Consisting of an international group of journalists, writers, and editors, our team is dedicated to covering the latest cannabis-related news from all around the world.

As part of our mission to educate people about cannabis, we’ve built a huge strain database containing information on 1000s of strains from all regions of world. We also regularly publish grow articles to help cannabis cultivators better understand the process and (hopefully) produce better harvests every year.

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