CannaTopics Film Festival is held in historic Nevada City, California as a benefit for the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance, a non-profit advocacy and educational organization. Local venues will host films, of various themes, created by independent filmmakers from across the country. 2-3 sessions of films will be shown each day.

“Who We Are”- the farmers, patients, manufactures, distributors, co-ops.

“Getting it Done” will show films about advocates and activists for patients and farmers.

“Canna Comedy” intends to remind us that if it’s worth taking seriously, it’s worth making fun of.


Silver Tour has traveled around the country dispelling old myths and educating seniors and politicians about the real benefits of medical marijuana. We never stop lobbying Government Representatives and advocating for a change in out-dated laws

​We lecture about how cannabis consumption is safer than alcohol, tobacco and most prescription opioids at senior centers and other venues.

Robert Platshorn, Founder The Silver Tour, teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana, was featured in the hit Showtime movie, Square Grouper. The  documentary film told Robert’s story of as a member of the Black Tuna Gang to his release from Federal prison. He was given the longest prison sentence ever given at that time, 64 years. Platshorn served 29 years and then created the Silver Tour.

Mr Platshorn’s successful MEET THE EXPERTS events were spotlighted on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, CNN Money and the front page of The Wall Street Journal.


Emerald Farm Tours is dedicated to providing you an unforgettable look into the burgeoning California cannabis businesses that are pioneering our industry.

“Simply put, we’re motivated by our love for cannabis, and we are proud to share with you some of the things that make California’s cannabis culture remarkably unique.”

Though our service may be new, we’re 100% committed to professionalism, driven by quality and always strive to provide world-class customer service. The small size of our tours and our relentless attention to detail allow us to focus on crafting a personalized, memorable and truly enjoyable experience. This is how we differentiate from the rest of the competition and establish Emerald Farm Tours as California’s premier cannabis tourism and events company.

Our tours currently include: The Bay Area and Mendocino County.


Front Row Travels®, LLC is your 5-star rated, full-service cannabis travel agency located in Baltimore, Maryland


Cannabis Curated Experiences – West Coast Cannabis Tours

Be the first to experience the revolutionary world of legalized cannabis, all in a fully licensed, safe and comfortable environment. California cannabis tours are changing the way travelers experience Southern California.

We provide an interactive introduction to the legal cannabis industry. Cruise around San Diego in a premium tour bus along with like-minded guests from all over the world. Our canna-savvy staff is here to entertain and educate you on all things cannabis.

We offer tours that highlight both the legal cannabis industry and San Diego culture. From the Complete Cannabis Experience to Kegs-n-Kush, we introduce you to some of the coolest activities in San Diego — and the Golden State. Our intimate cannabis yoga and painting activities allow you to bond with your family and friends in a safe, cannabis-friendly studio.

West Coast Cannabis Tours California tours are hands-on, interactive experiences. Join us as we count you among the first to blaze into the legal canna-craze.