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Black Forest Hemp Company
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Six years ago I began crossing and inter-crossing two strains of cannabis, White Kush (Indica) and Purple Haze (Sativa). My first priority was to be organic, with deep well water and no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The result has yielded disease-resistant, high yield, dense flowers, and high and low THC levels.

So why would I choose to mix the White Kush and Purple Haze?

The White Kush is an Indica and is a very powerful strain that can take you to a dream state, generally to be used at night. The sedative and pain-relieving properties are the dominant traits. The Purple Haze, on the other hand, is a Sativa that stimulates the body. This combination has yielded the best of both strains; prompting restorative breathing and reducing anxiety while stimulating the body so you can get stuff done. The anti-inflammation properties may contribute to it being a bronchial dilator. Some of the patients have observed mild dry mouth so drink plenty of water. Overdosing usually results in inducing sleep and increased appetite.

For several years, we have been growing cannabis for a number of individuals. Colorado allows caregivers to grow for patients prescribed by a doctor. We have decided to make our strains available for anyone who wants to grow their own at a discounted rate on seeds. We have the test results on file, performed by the “Good Lab” in Colorado Springs.

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Black Forest, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States
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