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Boojum Group was the brainchild of co-founders Britni King and Dashiel Kulander. The Utah natives had been working together in Los Angeles, managing cannabis social campaigns and influencer marketing. When changes in cannabis law meant that they could bring their expertise and ethos back to Utah, they jumped at the chance.

Here at Boojum, the more involved we become in the cannabis industry, the more powerful we see its effects. It’s easy to stay inspired when we truly believe that this plant has changed lives as a natural complement or alternative to heavy pharmaceutical drugs. We’ve experienced it in our own lives, and hearing testaments from consumers and patients on a daily basis is what keeps us going.

Boojum is proud to be a small but mighty company working on behalf of better health and wellness in our community. As a privately held company, we have the freedom to truly prioritize our patients and to allow science and research to take precedence over profits. For us, this means working tirelessly to bring consumers effective products that we wholeheartedly believe in.

We use renewable, 200 proof organic food-grade ethanol as our exclusive solvent to extract, filter, purify and remediate our highly potent oils.

By using ethanol at cryo temperatures for extraction (below -50), EtOH behaves less polar and does not draw any unnecessary constituents such as fats and waxes out of the plant material; eliminating the need for winterization and dewaxing. By selectively extracting the desired components such as CBD and CBG as well as other minor cannabinoids, the end result is a highly effective, full-spectrum extract capable of giving you the complete “Entourage Effect”.

All of our biomass is sourced locally from Utah farmers focused on natural growing methods and sustainable practices.

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1518 South Daniel Road, Heber City, Heber, Wasatch County, Utah, 84032United States
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