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Cannabis Intelligence


The intention of the Cannabis Intelligence range of products is to make it possible for anyone to integrate this beneficial and powerful medicine into one’s everyday wellness needs.

Quality is the main focus at Cannabis Intelligence. The highest quality, organically grown outdoor plants are nurtured in a natural and tranquil environment offering a pure experience free from pesticides, chemicals, solvents or any other pollutants.  During the selection, extraction processes and preparation of CI products we aim to promote unrivaled performance aimed at your well-being.

Cannabis Intelligence oils and tinctures provide you with easy-to-dose and highly efficient delivery systems that do not have to go through the digestive tract.

Each product has their own proprietary cannabis extract and each formula ensures the optimal proportion of different cannabinoids and terpenes to work in harmony with your body’s endo-cannabinoid system to regain homeostasis in the body. CI Oils and Tinctures are Whole-Plant or Full-Spectrum cannabis products, giving you a full combination of the medicinal benefits of all the cannabinoids in the whole flower/bud.

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Cape Town, South Africa



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