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Cannabissimo Coffee

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Fitness Coffee GVM i.e. has celebrated 17 years of productive and creative activity in the field of hot beverages as coffee, tea and barley, both healthy and traditional. Our registered trade marks are known in many countries all over the world.
From first patent application in 2014 to last launch of Cannabissimo Coffee we have ran a long way working hardly but ever with great passion and sincere respect for the human values.

Cannabissimo Coffee®, two products created by Fitness Coffee GVM for EVER YOUNG PEOPLE
A first revolutionary product with the healthy properties of Cannabis Sativa hemp seeds.
A second product safe and healthy due the content of CBD rich hemp flowers.

You can buy our products worldwide in your local retails and online shops as AMAZON SHOP. Also you can contact your national Distributor or for general info contact our customer service.

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0 Reviews