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CannaCook was founded by Husband and Wife duo – Chelsie and Christopher Miles. Cannabis became medically legal in 2016 in Arkansas but no dispensaries were actually open until 2019. With cannabis being new to Arkansas, Chelsie and Chris Miles noticed there was a big gap in cannabis information, resources, help, and cannabis cooking. The husband and wife duo are pushing to change lives for the better, so CannaCook.Tv was formed originally. They decided to move to though to continue expanding and improving upon the knowledge we are accumulating here.

Another goal at CannaCook is to help patients save money!  In many states, cannabis is still very expensive, like our home state of Arkansas.  Many patients cannot afford the high prices of edibles and other products.  That’s why our aim at CannaCook is to show you how easy it is to cook with cannabis.  Again, we are in no way Chefs, we are just two normal people with no prior cooking experience!

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