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We are a science led global healthcare company looking towards the future. Cannsun has always been on the cutting edge of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, marked by a tradition of producing the latest in medical innovation. Today, Cannsun continues to grow and develop pharmaceutical solutions while merging traditional medicines to include cannabinoid alternatives.

Cannsun is Europe’s first medical manufacturer with a vertically integrated cannabinoid division.

The recent developments in cannabinoids have illustrated that their potential is endless and untapped. Cannsunn is dedicated to the production of high-quality healthcare, medical and wellness products that it has always been known for, in addition to providing the latest in medical cannabinoid development. Cannabis development is one of the fastest growing healthcare markets globally, and Cannsun is perfectly positioned to produce the latest products in line with these developments.

Cannsun seeks to enhance the lives people around the world by producing the highest quality, natural, pure African and Greek cannabinoids and botanicals, providing state of the art medical solutions. Our projected growth indicates that we will be the largest cultivator of medical grade cannabis plants in Africa and Southern Europe, positioning us uniquely to provide cutting edge bio-cannabinoid medical solutions. Cannsun has extensive expertise and proven a track record in bringing a product in healthcare market.


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