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Cloth and Flame


Cloth & Flame creates temporary venues and culinary experiences wherever they can be imagined, while working to conserve land by keeping it accessible and top of mind.

We have three types of events:

Corporate & Private: Remarkable and deeply customizable retreats and dining events, tailored to ideas or brand. We create wherever you can imagine by acting as a venue, designer, and production company, and are experts at molding conversations into turn-key events in extraordinary spaces.

Weddings: Inclusive full-service outdoor weddings. Nothing amplifies romance like a stunning destination can, and the beauty of a location-centric wedding is that each space is decided on and designed around the couple's ideas, rather than the designated areas of an established venue.

Community Dinners: Frequent immersive and collaborative farm-to-table dinners in unexpected places, designed to foster collisions in a new way. We believe that people only care about that which they have a connection to, and we aim to establish more of these connections. Connection with the land, with others, and with themselves.

We have produced hundreds of events in unconventional spaces around the United States. We have worked on Alaskan mountainsides, in Arizona deserts, and Oregon forests. We have flown tables into the Grand Canyon, created on floating docks in Puget Sound, built long tables overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, down the middle of a once-crowded city street, and many others.

It's a way for our guests to escape the hustle and bustle of the work week and the city, and enjoy a chef-prepared meal among wild landscapes and under stars. We pay to lease land for our dinners, so areas that might otherwise be developed can act instead as a source of income for the landowner. We also give 10% of every dinners' proceeds to great coalitions that work to preserve migratory routes and wild places in our inimitable states.

Really, this is all about having a great time, encouraging the type of community we've seen unfold at our events, and sharing an amazing meal in a stunning place.

Have an idea for your own unconventional culinary event? Prefer to hear some of ours? Let us know! We create in all 50 states.

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734, West Polk Street, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, 85007, United States
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