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Ignited by the personal history of malady, Eybna was founded as a forward-thinking R&D company in Israel. Our expertise lies in connecting interdisciplinary fields, following our vision of enhancing the lives and health of people through researching nature.

Eybna stands for uncompromising quality and safety. We believe in our partnership with academia as well as with leading individual industry partners. As an international brand, Eybna collaborates with the best experts in their respective fields. Every member and partner of Eybna has the same commitment to our cause in common, acting as passionate ambassadors of innovation.

Eybna believes in constantly involving advanced research in the process of product development, transforming valuable scientific knowledge into easily applicable products, for the immediate benefit of the consumer market.

Why Eybna?
We integrate our research findings into our product development. We currently have 11 ongoing research projects with Israeli academic institutes to learn more about the different components that make up the complex smell of phenotypes and to learn about the full medicinal potential of cannabis. The interim findings allow us to develop “higher-resolution” terpene products.

Offices in California and Israel

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