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Faith In Flower was founded by a mom that always believed integrated medicine was crucial to well being and health. For 20 years, she used plant based medicines side-by-side with Western practices to provide immune support, cure colds, ear infections, fight the flu, heal injuries and skin ailments for her family.  Gathering knowledge, studying the power of plants and utilizing them to nurture her family effectively gave great confidence in their efficacy.

And, then came Hemp. For thousands of years, Hemp was used for medicinal purposes, food and industry.  Now legal in all 50 states, this incredibly powerful plant has only recently been made accessible to us again. Science is playing catch up. Studies already show it has incredible anti-inflammatory benefits giving it the ability to reduce anxiety, pain, aid in sleep and sports recovery.

Faith In Flower is grounded in the notion that wellness and self-care go hand-in-hand. We believe a major component of self-care is the ability to take control of EVERYDAY health via access to plant based formulas that are also backed by science.  We believe in supporting our minds and bodies through proper sleep, stress and pain relief. Our products are formulated based on this belief in wholistic health.

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