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The climate is ripe for change. Twenty-three states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Four have legalized recreational use. However, the nature of medicinal edibles have mostly remained: THC laced brownies and chocolate treats. Most of whose levels are so high that one can only indulge in but afraction of the product. Chef Moises Vilomar aims to bring a different experience to the world of medicated edibles. Be a part of the new face of edibles.

Chef Moises Vilomar: Chef Moises Vilomar was born in the Tri-State area of NYC on May 1, 1986. This young Hispanic chef has come along way from his days on Queens Blvd. Chef Moises started out as a dishwasher in a NYC restaurant at the age of fifteen, because of these experiences he decided to follow his passion for cooking and attend Le Cordon Blue in Pittsburgh, PA. Upon graduation, he went on to serve his country in The United States Army as a cook; serving the 101st Airborne. After completing his three years of active duty, Chef Moises went on to work at many upscale restaurants in the NYC area. These restaurants included fine dining establishments such as Le cirque, Per se, Daniel, Jean George, and Chanterelle. Chef Moises would like to use his passion and experience to bring the quality of affordable Four Star Cannabis dining to your home.

  1. Let us create a menu with you for your next private event
  2. Present cuisine at exclusive music, art, social, and fashion events, using amazing cuisine as a conduit to present various genres of work
  3. Our team can design an exclusive coursed menu for your card carrying friends, family or colleagues.


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