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Since our inception, GenCanna has been at the vanguard of the CBD industry, because our influential founders helped create it. Literally.

With complete chain of custody over one of today’s most efficient, sustainable and optimized supply chains, GenCanna produces hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids of unrivaled consistency, quality and purity. In fact, nothing leaves our facilities that we wouldn’t trust our own grandchildren and grandparents to ingest, many of whom are some of our most avid and loyal customers! That’s not lip service. It’s an ironclad pledge.

By relentlessly advancing the industry, innovating tirelessly and continually unlocking its potential, GenCanna is recognized as the pioneer producer of the world’s highest quality, regulatory-compliant hemp-derived cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and blends thereof. Today, under new and inspired leadership — and yet still led by those core principles that made this industry even possible — GenCanna is empowered, energized and singularly equipped to take cannabinoids into tomorrow, and beyond.

Driven by equal parts purpose and passion, we’re helping the world realize the advantageous properties of this all-natural botanical known as hemp.


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4274, Colby Road, Wesleyan Park, Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky, 40391, United States
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