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Cannabis Education
Why We Embarked on this Journey to Educate Others about Cannabis
The integrity of what we provide our customers rests squarely on who we are – holistic-minded health practitioners, first & foremost. While other cannabis education programs are available, most are produced by business people who have little or no hands-on patient experience. We are our target audience – health & wellness professionals committed to holistic healing.

We’re also seasoned educators & communications experts. We know how to dissect studies & translate findings. We know how to develop curricula that’s timely & practical. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can sit back & enjoy the learning curve.

We know what’s like to personally hit a healing wall. Laura has a daughter with a developmental delay who was at a plateau. It was frustrating to say the least. Donna received the diagnosis that every woman dreads – breast cancer. Once each of them included cannabis in their healthcare plans, things started changing – for the better & forever!

We knew that we had to help other clinicians gain the knowledge about cannabis & build their practices.

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