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Every day, we develop and produce the finest cannabis and CBD extracts complying with the highest industry standards.

There are a large number of ongoing clinical and preclinical studies focusing on CANNABIS and CANNABINOIDS. CANNABIS and its derivatives has a multi-levels role in the organism, indicating the potential extent of a complex therapeutic scenario and representing an exciting target for disease management and health promotion.

Our mission to improve the quality of life through cutting-edge natural solutions bears a great responsibility. That’s why our executive team is composed of only highly experienced managers. They head up our corporate divisions and are responsible for motivating every department to push the boundaries of innovation and technology with the utmost efficiency and attention to detail while also complying with global regulations and laws.

Linnea jointly owns a biogas installation with several farmers in the Swiss canton of Ticino. All the organic waste generated by our production processes is sent to the biogas installation.

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Via Cantonale CH 6595 Riazzino (TI) Switzerland
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