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National Instutute for Cannabis Investors


Cannabis is the fastest-growing, lowest-risk investment opportunity of all time. Never before has a large, existing, multi-billion dollar industry emerged so quickly, and with so many opportunities for investors. Never before have investors held such an advantage over Wall Street. Never before has the path to real wealth in the stock market been so obvious. And as I've learned more and more about this industry, everything has come into focus. “It can’t be this easy. It can’t be this obvious. You’re missing something.” So I did more research. I went to industry conferences. I visited with CEOs, with cannabis store managers, with medical cannabis users, with recreational users. I heard the stories of children whose seizures stopped after using CBD oil. I heard from soldiers who found the nightmares went away when they started using cannabis. I learned about the path to legalization from the most experienced politicians in the country. I started looking at the history of similar industry breakouts like alcohol after prohibition. And I started to without-a-doubt believe in the potential of this young industry to create vast amounts of wealth. That’s why I launched The National Institute for Cannabis Investors. I wanted to create a central hub for investors and industry tycoons alike to get up-to-the-minute breaking cannabis news, inside access to CEO’s and established cannabis companies around the world, and to gather the biggest, brightest minds this industry has to offer. Combined, what exists here is the most powerful cannabis-investing tool at your fingertips. And together, we’re going to help you achieve the financial freedom that you’ve always dreamed of.

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