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We are the first and only website dedicated to bettering the lives of adults over 40 through CBD and cannabis

Three Wells is an oasis in the confusing new world of marijuana for mature adults. As an unbiased online source of education, information and community—Three Wells provides clarity, guidance and support to adults 50 and older who want to live richer lives and are wondering if, and how, marijuana (also known as cannabis, pot or weed) can help get them there. Three Wells'​ content is carefully curated and either co-created or verified by a diverse community of medical experts. Other online sources may cover a range of marijuana-related topics but Three Wells is the only one specifically designed for adults 50 and older. We begin with what adults 50 and older want to get from using marijuana. We then provide unbiased insights into what types of marijuana products and dosages to try; as well as how and when to use marijuana. We then connect our audience with the doctors, dispensaries, and brands that we have vetted and that can support their individual marijuana needs. Three Wells tailors everything to those of us 50 and older because we have unique needs and wants than younger audience segments. Plus, our bodies respond to marijuana differently at our age. Whether it’s relief from ailments or wanting to relax, knowing the what, how and when of using marijuana helps all of us live well, be well, and do well.

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