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Tikun Olam ("repair the world" in Hebrew) is the global medical cannabis brand operating in several countries around the world; cultivates, produces and provides evidence-based award-winning medicinal cannabis. For over a decade, Tikun Olam is pioneering modern medical cannabis agriculture, treatment and clinical research.


To Bring Cure and Alleviation Providing Evidence Based Medical Cannabis Treatment Worldwide

Tikun Olam Grows medical cannabis cultivated in state-of-the-art standards. Tikun Olam has developed multiple proprietary award winning strains, including the first-ever, high-CBD, "high-less" strain Avidekel™, its popular high-THC strains Alaska™ and Erez™, and "one-to-one" CBD/THC strain Midnight™.

Tikun Olam Research holds unprecedented patient clinical data collection. The company products are used in ongoing clinical trials in Israel's regulated medical cannabis market.

Tikun Olam Care the world’s first professional cannabis nursing clinic; one of its most recognized achievements. Tikun Olam provides safe and personalized treatment for all ages ranging from pediatric to geriatric patients, treating over 20,000 patients for a variety of medical conditions.

Tikun Olam Manufactur Tikun Olam's production is carried out in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health. The company is in the process of establishing a unique GMP factory under the direction of Eng. Yaacov Binyamin, chemical engineer specialized in GMP & clean room production and pharma industry manufacturing management. The company constantly develops leading products and formulations with various specifications under the leadership of Dr. Irit Ventura Ph.D. chemical engineer.

Tikun is now available in DE, FL and CA - click here for locations

In Israel’s Biggest Medical-cannabis Deal, Cannbit Buys Tikun Olam - 11/26/19

Visit https://www.tikunolam.com



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