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Viridian Staffing

Founded in 2013, by a bonafide Executive Recruiter with over a decade of prior Fortune 100 HR and recruiting experience, Viridian Staffing was not only the cannabis industry’s original, professional recruiting and HR consulting firm, but with over five years of hard-won cannabis industry experience, Viridian stands apart as the industry’s oldest and most respected recruiting agency. (The “Real OG’s” if you will.)

In that time, Viridian has not only built the cannabis industry’s most formidable database of talent in North America but our team of elite recruiters, who have served leading companies across a broad spectrum of related industries, have also brought their deep networks and relationships to bear in serving our clients’ ever-growing needs. Those industries include, but aren’t limited to, agriculture, biotech, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, software, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc.

Today Viridian’s client base spans North and South America, as well as a growing number of Asian & European countries. Viridian’s human resources professionals have helped our clients round out their executive teams, fill mission-critical roles, win competitive licenses and rapidly scale multi-state enterprises. Businesses rise and fall based on the strength of their teams. Viridian Staffing is here to ensure your company thrives in the increasingly competitive cannabis and hemp industries.

Visit https://vangst.com/


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