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  • Why You Need Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Cannabis
    Pin this post for later! Since I first published this review in December, 2020, I have received countless thank you emails form people who who were just thrilled to learn about these little miracle packets.  That's because whether you grew it yourself or you buy from a dispensary, you can protect…
  • Spider Farmer SF 1000 Grow Kit Review and Assembly
    Pin this post for later! NOTE: Be sure to watch the video above to watch us put this whole kit together.  Sorry YouTube is making you click through to watch it there, instead of displaying it here. We were excited to check out Spider Farmer's SF 1000 Grow Kit because it s…
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Sous Weed

  • Cannabis Infused Steamed Egg: A Potli Collab
    We’ve all been witnessing the rise in hate crimes against our community with heavy hearts. The Courage Over Comfort project was created by the team at Potli as a way to turn our grief into action. Asians in food and cannabis industries joined together to contribute to the zine, care…
  • Infused Brown Sugar Milk Tea Cake: With Permanent Holiday's Boba
    Brown Sugar Milk Tea Cake made with Permanent Holiday’s Boba, Photography by Monica Lo Channeling lots of love for chef Haejin Chun of Big Bad Wolf with this Infused Brown Sugar Milk Tea Cake made with Permanent Holiday’s Boba flower collaboration with Xotic Flavorz. I use the sous vide method…
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