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  • What Kind of Oil is Best for Marijuana Infusions? Is Butter Better?
    Dear Cheri, What is better when cooking with cannabis, butter or oil?  And if oil, what is the best oil for making marijuana infusions? I am surprised at how frequently I get asked this question.  The answer is simple:  It depends! When it comes to cooking, marijuana metabolizes best in fats so…
  • Cannabis Cheri: Is It OK to Use 40-Year-Old Weed?; Pot Potato Salads
    8-6-2021 Hi Everyone! I am excited.  We have been working on a total overhaul and upgrade of my Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks online course.  It has been over 5 years since I launched the course and we have done some minor upgrades since then, but this was a…
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Sous Weed

  • How to Sous Weed: Sponsored by How to Do the Pot
    Today we’re going back to the basics with a cannabis infusion recipe using the sous vide method, sponsored by How to Do the Pot, a podcast all about demystifying cannabis for women.  How to Do the Pot shares women’s personal stories and advice from experts to help with solutions around…
  • Pomegranate Mint Tea Ice Pops: A Wellfounded Collab
    Pomegranate Mint Tea Ice Pops, photography by Monica Lo Meet Wellfounded, a new, fiercely independent, female and Latinx-owned cannabis brand dedicated to plant-based wellness and proudly pioneers legal, outdoor California cultivation with a family-run farm in Santa Barbara County. I got to try out the 1:1 Relief Tincture infused with…
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