The Industrial Hemp Summit is a multi-stakeholder collaboration focused on building the industrial hemp industry in America. Entering our 4th year, a specific focus of the summit will be building the supply chain and market making for industrial hemp food, fiber and flower. The summit will highlight innovation that is currently happening in the industry, as well as explore what resources and infrastructure are needed to move the industry forward.

The Industrial Hemp Summit is the only B2B hemp event that is normally held in a science institute that is actually doing research on the plant. Building the U.S. Industrial Hemp Industry is like putting together a 5,000-piece puzzle blindfolded and with the pieces constantly shifting. It is imperative that we collaborate in a professional and transparent manner to create a sustainable industry. The Industrial Hemp Summit is designed to bring people together that likely would not otherwise meet to create quantum conversations, connections and business opportunities. In this fourth annual Industrial Hemp Summit we have shifted to a virtual event where our focus will be cutting edge Technology, Business and Science that is taking the U.S. Industrial Hemp Industry to the next level.

  • Date(s): February 28-March 1, 2022.
  • Location: The Conference Center at IALR, 150 Slayton Avenue, Danville, Virginia 24540

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