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RSS Pure Farms

  • PRODUCT EARTH EXPO 2020 Product Earth Expo-Fest is totally unique in the UK, being the only Hemp and CBD event that highlights the complete Read More
    Dragonfly Earth Medicine
  • Organic Cup- Natural Farming,Natural Healing his event is private. You are welcome at our Gathering. Please first purchase tickets and you will be asked to Read More
    Dragonfly Earth Medicine

RSS Garden Culture Magazine

  • Orchid Care: Top 5 Ways To Keep Them Happy
    With over 880 different types and over 22,000 species, orchids are among the most diverse flowering plant families. However, there are only several dozen hybrid species widely produced and available at local nurseries and florists.  Orchids, including Moth orchids, Dendrobium orchids, Paphiopedilum orchids, Oncidium orchids, Vanda orchids, and Cambria hybrid orchids are all easy to… […]
    Rich Hamilton
  • Beneficial Insects: Why We Need Them In Our Gardens
    Most gardeners are well aware that insect populations are in trouble in many countries around the world. However, the extent and impacts of such losses could be much worse than many of us imagined. Based on recent research studies, it appears the decline in numbers and diversity is accelerating, so it’s worth examining why this […]
    Anne Gibson