Access Point

Access Point | Noun

/ˈakˌses point/

  1. An access point is a state authorized location where medical marijuana patients can buy medical marijuana. Although typically called a dispensary, access points are highly regulated and as marijuana laws become more lax, are springing up in with increasing frequency. 


Adapters | Noun


  1. An attachment accessory that facilitates ease of consumption. Some adapters protect a dab rig or bong from heating while others serve to catch excess oil or ash to prevent it from ə-ˈdap-tərs seeping into the water chamber.


Aeroponics | Noun


  1. A cultivation practice that involves suspending the plant roots in an environment of mist and air where they absorb water, nutrients, and oxygen. An aeroponic system is more temperamental than other types of cultivation practices and requires careful, consistent monitoring. Aeroponic cultivation allows for greater access to the oxygen in nutrient-rich solutions, which can lead to faster and more efficient growth than hydroponic or soil cultivation.


Agitation | Noun


  1. The process of breaking off and harvesting trichomes from the cannabis flower through physical contact. Agitation can be made more effective by freezing the product prior to agitation.

Alcohol Extraction

Alcohol Extraction | Noun

/ˈalkəˌhäl  ikˈstrakSH(ə)n/

  1. The process in which cannabis is placed in alcohol to extract the THC from the plant. After the plant is allowed to soak in warm (but not boiling) alcohol for 10-20 minutes, it is strained through a coffee filter until it is clear.  One of the best alcohol products to use is isopropyl alcohol. The product is then boiled, with or without added pressure, to completely remove any and all alcohol. It is very important to make sure that all alcohol is removed, as isopropyl alcohol can cause blindness if ingested. What remains is hash oil containing around 90% of the THC from the plant. The longer the extraction, the more oily the product.