Apical Bud | Noun


  1. The Apical Bud, also known as the receptacle bud is the central point of the cannabis plant. This bud is responsible for holding the flowers and is seen as a kind of tree. This bud has three parts to it. They are the main stem, the bulb and the apical or receptacle bud.The other name for this bud is the cat’s whiskers. The main stem is a longer piece of plant that supports the bulb at the top of the plant. It is responsible for producing the primary and secondary flowers. In the primary flowers the stigma is detached from the corolla. It then dries and falls off and comes in contact with the secondary flowers and that is where the distinctive scent comes from.The flower bud, or receptacle bud, is the part of the apical bud. It contains the pollen sac that attaches to the stigma. When the secondary flower has its pollen sac attached, it is ready to flower. The main stem of the flower bud is broken and the new main stem begins to grow. The stem forms a stalk or trellis. When this process is completed, the flower bud has reached maturity. The main stem breaks away, allowing the central flower bud to emerge.