Aromadendrene | Noun


  1. Aromadendrene, a terpene of Cannabis sativa, is a powerful natural resource for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. However, production of Aromadendrene can be harmful if it is used improperly, or if it is manufactured under an unlicensed or unsupervised atmosphere. This chemical compound has become a popular addition to the ingredient list of topical gels. The compound Aromadendrene is an effective antifungal agent that has been found to inhibit the growth of yeast and fungus in the human body. However, its potential of antifungal activity is at the same time limited to the area of skin infection.The effectiveness of Aromadendrene in treating human skin problems such as acne and boils depend on the ability of the component to penetrate the skin and reach the region of infection. Aromadendrene gels are usually made using natural ingredients, and these components, such as Aromadendrene, could react with other substances present in the gels, causing undesired results. Although Aromadendrene is a naturally occurring chemical compound, its presence in cosmetics products is no longer known and is not approved by the FDA. Thus, these gels are considered safe to use.

    However, any presence of Aromadendrene, in topical products containing Aromadendrene can cause damage to the user’s health. Aromadendrene is not always used to treat an actual skin problem. Some Aromadendrene is actually developed into a potent drug that is not only toxic but also very addictive. The drug of choice in the illegal drug trade is Flakka. The drug is a synthetic version of the Aromadendrene. Therefore, if you use Aromadendrene without being aware of the chemicals contained in the gel, you are risking your health. So before you use any Aromadendrene product that uses natural and organic ingredients, it is advisable to research the suppliers or manufacturers of the products you intend to purchase, so that you will know what is in them and what the risks are.