Black Ganga | Noun

/blak, ‘ɡänjə/

  1. Black ganga is a slang term that refers to marijuana resin. In this case, the resin being referred to is the black, sticky residue that clings to a pipe or water bong after repeated use. It is made up of tar, ash, carbon, and cannabinoids. Users often scrape the black ganga from a pipe or bong in order to smoke it. However, despite many people arguing that the resin is harmful to the user due to the tar and ash, consuming it remains a common practice, especially as a last resort. Black ganga usually coats the bowl of a pipe or bong after the user has smoked burning marijuana plant material through the accessory. The resin is typically dark brown or black in color. It is extremely thick and sticky. It tends to smell bad compared to the pleasing aroma of regular cannabis. Some people call black ganga weed resin or pipe resin. There are usually minimal levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the resin. However, resin typically does have some psychoactive effects due to the limited amount of THC, so it can get the user high. Black ganga is often smoked when a person has run out of dried bud and is waiting until they have a chance to get some more. It’s considered a ‘budget’ or ‘economical’ way to get high.