Cedrene | Noun


  1. Cedrene is a terpene, a sesquiterpene commonly found in cedar in addition to the cannabis plant. As one of the secondary terpenes, it is directly related to camphene and bears similar qualities. Because of its versatility, this terpene was utilized in a variety of ways for centuries. In ancient times, the oil of cedar was used as a base for paint. Other civilizations also have distilled the oil from cedar and juniper trees also used it as an astringent and antibacterial.

This terpene includes a refreshing and somewhat woody aroma, sometimes with a sudden sweetness. Skyrunner and Jet Fuel strains proven to contain this terpene. Knowing individual terpene characteristics can play an integral element in selecting the perfect strain. Whether inhaled or used aromatically or cedrene may be an integral component in the wide spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids that optimize the curative effects of cannabis may provide.

The majority of research into cedrene’s therapeutic properties involves the terpene’s presence in the oil of cedarwood and similar trees. Additional research on the terpene’s function in cannabis is lacking and would be conducive in identifying the potential medicinal advantages this terpene could offer.

One study found that the blend of cedrol and cedrene has antibacterial and antimicrobial anti-tumor consequences. Two separate research on essential oils comprising cedrene have demonstrated effectiveness in removing tumor cells from human tissue which may potentially be utilized as a organic nutritional supplement in cancer-fighting medicines.

Various studies have shown promising evidence nonetheless, the analysis will last until there is additional conclusive evidence based on real trials.

As the stigma against medical cannabis continues to vanish, hopefully, research and analysis of the plant and the beneficial compounds that comprise it, including terpenes such as cedrene, continues to intensify. It is necessary to educate yourself and talk with your physicians, pharmacists, and others at dispensaries regarding the terpene profiles in accessible cannabis strains.