Colloidal Silver | Noun

/kuh-loid-l, ˈsilvər/

  1. (Source: Maximum Yield) Colloidal silver is made up of a mixture of distilled water and pure (0.9999) silver. It is created by flowing an electrical current through water mixed with silver electrodes. The current causes the microscopic particles of the silver to break away from each other. Once they break off, they become suspended in the water mixture. Many cannabis growers use colloidal silver on a marijuana plant to force the plant to produce feminized seeds. After applying the colloidal silver to the cannabis plant, the pollen collected will contain no Y chromosomes. The pollen will only have double X chromosomes, which help ensure female seed production. Colloidal silver is misted onto a marijuana plant’s foliage to force the plant to start pollen production. The grower usually mists the plants daily with colloidal silver for 10-14 days. Typically, when growing marijuana plants there is a 50 per cent chance of the plant creating male seeds. However, with the use of colloidal silver, the chance of a plant developing all female seeds becomes almost a guarantee. Even if a male plant does develop after using colloidal silver, the male is still a genetic female but with male characteristics. Silver colloidal acts as an ethylene inhibitor/antagonist on the marijuana plant. The silver colloidal forces the weed plant to develop male pollen sacs instead of the female buds that it would normally grow. The pollen from the male pollen sacs can then be collected and used to pollinate female flowers to develop feminized seeds.