Convection | Noun


  1. Convection is the process that occurs that vaporizes a cannabis concentrate in a dab rig or vaporizer. The melted cannabis concentrate liquids up and melts. The inhaled air flow creates a circulating current. This current evenly vaporizes the concentrate. The process of convection occurs while using a carb cap. It is an ideal way to conserve cannabis because a little bit goes long ways. The vapor is also gentle on the lungs when compared to smoke which makes it ideal for medical marijuana users. Convection relies on heated liquid, such as steam, to rise so the user can easily inhale the cannabis concentrate. Usually, convection is the preferred method for vaping flowers because it does not cause combustion of the material. Each hit of the cannabis vapor is evenly heated. This process truly brings out the flavor and aroma of the concentrate. This is the ideal method to preserve the cannabis plant’s valuable terpenes. It is also the preferred option used by medical marijuana users.