Cotton Mouth | Noun

/ˈkätn mouTH/

  1. Smoking cannabis causes cotton mouth, that is, it makes the mouth dry.

Until recently it wasn’t well understood how just marijuana causes a dry mouth and a sore throat. Scientists have shed new light on cotton mouth and the causes for it.

Cotton mouth might seem like it is dryness from smoke (and a few do really think it is), but this is not the whole story; there’s a great deal more to it. The real cause for cotton mouth has to do with the way cannabinoids, the active chemicals in cannabis, interact with the human endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors that are situated throughout the whole body, including the brain. Cannabinoids in marijuana can trigger these receptors, in which they cause all sorts of reactions and processes. This is the way the high from bud comes about, but also the interaction with all those cannabinoid receptors can impact many more bodily processes, with saliva production among them.

The saliva production in our mouths has been controlled by a part of our autonomic nervous system referred to as the rest and digest system. Our subconscious mind can also affect this process. For example, when the mere idea of some tasty food causes the mind to send more impulses into the saliva glands, then making our mouths water.

With cannabinoids receptors are present in most parts of our body, it wasn’t too surprising if researchers found them, additionally in the submandibular glands, the mucous membranes beneath the mouth that are responsible for producing most spit. The researchers also found that anandamide, that will be comparable in construction to THC, triggers decreased saliva secretion.

Due to the similarity of anandamide and THC, it’s now believed that when THC binds to the glands in the submandibular glands, also it makes them stop getting messages in the nervous system. Quite simply The THC in cannabis is probably the reason behind the decrease of saliva production from the mouth.

This fresh understanding how smoking cannabis results in a dry skin opens up new ways to deal with the issues linked with saliva production. Not only may bud fans one day be in a position to discover a way to eliminate the annoying cotton mouth, yet this study may also well come in handy for treating an assortment of circumstances in which patients suffer from dry mouth for some other factors.

Many cannabis enthusiast encounters some degree of mouth when they smoke. For most folks, it is not a huge deal when they only had a few hits, but the mouth can become pretty disagreeable during heftier sessions. Unfortunately, simply drinking water for a means to get rid of it does not really do anything important to alleviate it although you definitely should drink to stay hydrated.

Chewing stimulates saliva production, and this also usually means that it can help with a dry mouth. A strip of chewing gum may be all that you need to help to stimulate the glands once more. In case you don’t like chewing gum, it’s possible to even check into matters like beef jerky or dried fruits. Basically, any food which will need some chewing could function as an alternate.