Crystalline | Noun


  1. Cannabis Crystalline Concentrate, or also known as medical-grade cannabis is a cannabis plant that has been cured for it’s psychoactive component known as THC. It is the only true THC substitute that we have today. This concentrate can be purchased from the medical dispensaries but only to medical patients who have been approved by their doctors for this use.

The cannabis concentrate comes in a form of a tablet, liquid, or pill. Its potency varies according to which type of product you choose to purchase. These products are usually allopathic in nature and they are made with the purest and highest quality of cannabis. This product also has different levels of THC in it. The dose is actually based on your body and what kind of ailments you have.

You must take care when using a crystal concentrate if you have to stop your cannabis smoking. You must use the correct amount of liquid to reduce the harshness of the concentrate. This can be a sensitive issue for some people, so it is best to have someone help you out. There are some people who can handle a heavy amount of concentrate and others cannot. You also need to make sure that you eat and drink a lot before and after you smoke your concentrate. This is to get rid of the toxins in your body. After the first two or three days of using this product, you can start to eat and drink less.