Cymes | Noun


  1. Cymes is a cluster of plants that produce a new flower from the end of each growing part. In these plants, the oldest flowers are normally found at the top, while newer growths tend to emerge from the plant’s side shoots. 

There are some common names for the various types of cannabis flowers. The most common and most important names for the three different types of cannabis flowers are normally classified by their scientific names in accordance with the stem-type (stem types are also known as “stem-group”), which is also known as the “form”. In general, there are about 30 classes of flowers, but the Cannabis family consists of three different kinds of flowers (not including varieties). This is the reason why the names of all these flowers are given by their class.

The thistles are grouped to form cymes, which means a chain of flowers. They are usually found together in large groups, so that the flow of the flowers is continuous. In general, the flower classifications were developed by means of a classification of the stem type. All of these flowers have a similar form, so this form is known as the standard, which can be easily recognized by people who are not very familiar with cannabis flowers. However, there are several forms which are completely different from the standard. To date, no one has been able to assign a standardized form of all the thistles and their relatives.