Deep Water Culture (DWC) | Noun

/dēp ˈwädər ˈkəlCHər/

  1. Deep water civilization (DWC) is a kind of hydroponic gardening. It involves suspending the cannabis plant so that its origins dangle in the water. It is a soilless type of growing. A medium like clay pebbles or rockwool is used to maintain the plant above the nutrient-rich water. In its most straightforward form, DWC involves hammering a plant in a five-gallon bucket with rockwool for a support. The origins of this plant then hang down into the nutrient-rich water. Dutch buckets are generally used with DWC growing methods. The term deep water civilization evolved since the plant roots are submerged in a bathtub of deep water. DWC entails ensuring that the water is aerated and can also be nutrient rich for the plant’s root system. The oxygen and nutrient-rich water surrounding the plant root system is thought to be the key aspect which produces cannabis plants grow bigger when increased using the DWC technique. Cannabis plants appear to grow far more rapidly during the vegetative phase when grown with DWC.